Mallaney's CARSTAR
Quality Collision Service

Customer Facilities

Mallaney's Carstar has a talented and service-driven staff of 17 people ready to server you, the customer.

  • 10 customer parking spaces
  • A comfortable customer waiting area.
  • A secure, fenced storage space for 100+ vehicles.
  • An appraiser work area; Clean work area with desk and calculator. Drive-in estimating area with lift is also available.

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Work Areas

  • 13,000 square feet of floor space in three buildings, housing 35 work bays.
  • Kansas Jack™ and Magna II™ Frame equipment.
  • Two full 3-dimensional laser measurement systems.
  • Hein-Warner SHARK™ computerized electronic measuring system.
  • MIG and Plasma welders.
  • Pro Spot resistance Welder.
  • Kansas Jack™ precision alignment equipment.
  • Two paint prep stations.
  • Two spray booths.
  • BASF Paint.